Precision care for any environment


The design intent of the Doak Table was born from the strict physical requirements and demands of The US Armed Forces. The Doak Table has been centrifuge and drop tested as part of its physical commissioning. Additionally, each feature on the Doak Table has been meticulously engineered and designed for precision function, while used in the harshest environments on the planet. With special features such as 8,000 lb “D” ring tethers for use “in-Air” applications, and our hard coat anodized aluminum and SS alloys; each and every Doak Table has been engineered and constructed for precision, rugged high-performance function.

Global Aid

In today’s world patient care needs are becoming far more essential and far more mobile. The hyper-mobile Doak Table is the simple solution to the common problem of a remote surgical need, where point of care is delivered to the patient. At 42 lbs, the Doak Table can be checked luggage on a commercial flight, and can easily be transported by the surgeon or care provider. The Doak Table provides any surgeon with the most important item within their surgical field; a stable and precision platform capable of full function for any environment.

Health Care

When natural disasters and conventional health care demands a high volume approach to patient care, the Doak Table provides a clear solution for hospitals and municipalities where patient need exceeds capacity. With both the hyper-mobility (42 lbs) and a very small footprint (folded dimensions = 41”x12”x15) the Doak smart design provides any institution with the ability to store large numbers of surgical tables in a very small area, all while offering rapid deployment closest to the patient need. The Doak Table truly represents a viable strategy for managing large spikes in surgical demand and planning for natural disasters without dedicating permanent surgical space within the institution.

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